Ultra Compact, Lightweight and High-resolution Mobile Projector


Original Imaging Technologies


The Shortest Focus in The Class

BOXi’s best in class short throw lens allows you to project a 50 inch image with a 1m (3.2ft) throw distance. You can now enjoy a large screen experience anytime and anywhere.

f =9.05mm Throw Ratio =0.95

“Anytime, anywhere” is one of the product concepts of the BOXi.

The BOXi can be set up quickly making it ideal for small meetings rooms. So lightweight and portable for business trips as well as meetings at your customer’s office. You can even enjoy watching movies and playing computer games at home.
In order to attain the large, high quality image, even in small spaces, the BOXi is the first LED projector in the world to use a slow ratio <1.0 short throw lens.

  • *1 The focal length is the distance from the center of the lens to an imaging element.
  • *2 The slow ratio is the lens projection distance divided by the breadth of the screen.
  • *3 Based on internal investigations, May 2013

Large Aperture to Implement The Brightness


Using a spherical lens enables ELMO to combine a small lens unit and high performance.

“Compact with excellent image quality” is one of the product concepts of the BOXi.

The BOXi uses a large diameter lens F=2.0 in order to project bright and clear images while losing as little light as possible from the LED lamp.
Three spherical lenses are used to avoid having one large lens unit and offer a big lens aperture. This enables the BOXi to be compact while maintaining high performance.


Our Original Projection Engine

“Anytime, anywhere” The uniquely designed optical engine used in the BOXi means it is compact yet produces an excellent Compact with excellent image quality”

The performance of the optical engine in projectors is affected by the following three elements:
1.The light source color control technology that enables it to achieve vivid color reproduction.
2.The light efficiency and brightness control technology which enables it to project without losing its light source power.
3.The lens technology to project vivid images.


BOXi uses two prisms which operate important optical components such as a light source color control technology, light efficiency and brightness control technology.
The BOXi uses dedicated lens all-in-one type R-TIR prisms, which enables it to maximize the light utilization rate from the light source.
Also, a dedicated designed COLOR-COMBINING PRISM (RGB Stand Alone type) for LED light source enables the BOXi to achieve highly efficient color composition as well as high brightness.