Ultra Compact, Lightweight and High-resolution Mobile Projector


Designed by ELMO in JAPAN

Since 1921

ELMO Corporation was established in 1921 with the name of SAKAKI SHOKAI.
Our first 16mm cine projector, the "ELMO A type"*1, was also released in 1921.

ELMO is an acronym derived from the following words:

Electricity (Electronics)、  Light (Lens)、  Machine (Mechanical Technology)、  Organization (Organizing Power)

Since then we have developed our core competence and commitment to creative design and manufacturing.


From our establishment over 90 years ago, up to the present day, numerous technological changes have occurred.

In the field of image technology, the recording style has changed from film to magnetic tape to Digital recording.

The same changes have applied to ELMO. Our products have changed from 8mm cine projectors, twin lens reflex (TLR) cameras and slide projectors to security / micro / network cameras, overhead projectors, and document cameras that use semiconductor devices such as CCD or CMOS.

1927 Our first 16mm cine-projector, the ELMO A type


However, our commitment to the original design principles has remained in all of our products regardless of the changes over time.

Since our establishment ELMO has focused on developing original-designed lenses, highly-efficient optical engines image processing techniques combined with user-friendly mechanics, and unique product design.
Each one has helped create ELMO BOXi.

ELMO as cine-projector manufacturer,
ELMO as document camera pioneer.
Even if you are not aware of these products, we hope you will realize the power of ELMO through BOXi.


certificate of Mechanical Engineering Heritage in 2013

*1 16mm cine projector ELMO A type was awarded a certificate of Mechanical Engineering Heritage in 2013.
Please refer to http://www.jsme.or.jp/kikaiisan/data/no_060.html for more info(Japanese page).